A bit of a bird world mystery in my neighborhood: the Red-shouldered Hawks nested in my neighborhood again this year. I have been hearing them for several months but not seeing them until yesterday. I believe it was three juveniles and they were on the ground apparently eating another hawk. One neighbor said he watched the hawks attack the other . Another neighbor said she had seen two women take away a possibly injured hawk the other day. Was it the adult and the kids aren't quite ready to be on their own?  I took pix and sent them to my friend Laura Erickson. There was some question about the dead bird , whether it was a Cooper's or Red-shouldered ( I just took pix with my phone and the birds let me get really close to them). It looked smaller than a Red-shouldered to me.

Laura said hawks will kill a sick or injured sibling. I never thought about hawks eating other hawks. I guess the juveniles will mature quickly without supervision of an adult.

Susan Eaton
Kirkwood, Sy. Louis County, MO
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