Well, I''l throw another possibility in that mix--as odd as it sounds (double entendre intended), female Red-winged Blackbirds have fooled me more than once into thinking Sora until, on checking closer, I saw the bird open its mouth and the Sora-like sound come out.  Of course, I have the excuse of the slight distortion of hearing aids.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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I spent an hour this morning walking the area where I heard the "haunting 
call."  I heard/saw 23 species (mostly heard), including three 
mimids--mockingbird, brown thrasher, and starling.  Nothing I heard sounded 
like what I heard on Thursday afternoon.  So, unless I hear the call again 
and can track it down, here's my best guess.  The voice quality was richer, 
but the call pattern was very similar to the second option in the Audubon 
Birds app's Voice options for Sora.  Also, there's a small creek winding 
through the low area that I was unaware of but found this morning.  My best 
guess is that one of the mimids learned the Sora call at some point, maybe 
even right there in the neighborhood during migration.  And I heard him 
practice it last Thursday.  Or maybe that's completely wrong.

(Or one of them wandered out to Arizona and learned the Canyon Wren call. 

If I ever solve the riddle, I'll let you know, but the Sora/mimid 
speculation is where I'm leaving it until then.  Thank you for all your 
input! It's frustrating to wonder with no clear answer, but it's still 
birding and thus still fascinating.

Ida Domazlicky
Cape Girardeau County

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