CFP: Staging the Post-Dramatic: 21^st -Century German Theater

(Sep 30 2017; April 12-15 2018)

To be held at the 2018 Northeastern Modern Language Association (NeMLA) 
convention in Pittsburgh.

The theme of the 2018 Northeastern Modern Language Association’s annual 
convention is “Global Spaces, Local Landscapes and Imagined Worlds.” 
This panel explores how contemporary German-language theater creates 
spaces for new conversations about gender, ethnic identity, and other 
aspects of political and social reality. In 2001, Hans-Thies Lehmann’s 
/Postdramatisches Theater/ theorized post-Brechtian theater. Is today 
still the age of post-dramatic theater? If not, what comes next?

How have Christoph Schlingensief and other recent directors 
fundamentally changed German-language theater today? How do prolific 
established dramatists such as Elfriede Jelinek and Rainald Goetz 
continue to push the stage in new directions? How do works such as René 
Pollesch’s /Ruhrtrilogie/ open new conversations about media, 
interior/exterior space, and the public sphere? The /New York Times/’ 
Rachel Donadio has described new works performed by Berlin’s “Exil 
Ensemble” and Munich’s “Open Border Ensemble” as being “built around a 
journey rather than a plot.” Very recent pieces such as Yael Ronen’s 
“The Situation” (in German, English, Arabic, and Hebrew) and 
“Winterreise” (2017) attempt to strike a balance among historical 
situatedness, creative empowerment, polyglot linguistic practices, and 
political engagement. In response to these and other new developments, 
this panel seeks contributions that examine all aspects of recent 
innovations in German-language theater and drama.

Topics might include, but are not limited to:

-Theoretical approaches to contemporary German-language theater and 

-Original literary analyses of contemporary theatrical works that 
address border crossings, ethnicity, and/or world-creation.

-New analyses of German-language theater or performance that engages 
with political and social change.

-The creation and definition of theatrical spaces in the broader sense – 
politics as performance, teaching as theater, etc.

-The relationship of contemporary theater to text, storytelling, and 

Please submit abstracts of approximately 250 words, including the 
submitter’s biographical information through the NeMLA website:

Submission deadline: September 30, 2017

For inquiries about the panel, contact:

Pascale LaFountain, Assistant Professor of German and French, Montclair 
State University ([log in to unmask] 
<mailto:[log in to unmask]>) and Lisa Parkes 
([log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>).

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