Re: Kingbirds—They will attack anything, up to and including small planes that fly over their nests, or so I’ve read.  But of course that doesn’t preclude it being a battle for feeding territory.

Re: Kites:  We had raucous confrontations two mornings in a row last week between a nesting Kite and a family of Red-shouldered Hawks, in the woods immediately behind my house and the neighbors’.  Both times, the Kite left its usual perch and engaged the RSHs about 50 yards away, repeatedly giving alarm calls and making sorties in the hawks’ direction.  The hawks screamed back but didn’t engage in any physical way, near as I could tell.  This continued for about five minutes both days. The reason wasn’t clear the first morning, but on the second I was able to see a fuzzy fledgling RSH, with two adults staying between it and the agitated Kite.  Since both species nest here, my guess is that the fledgling inadvertently intruded on some tacit agreement between the adults and came too close to the Kite’s nest, but of course I don’t really know.  The Kite young one has since fledged, as well, so I’m not expecting any more similar encounters.  Fascinating to watch and speculate, though.

Ida Domazlicky
Cape Girardeau County

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Subject: Kite vs Eastern Kingfisher

Quite a sight today at Riverside Golf Course in Fenton.  Near the end of the 8th hole there is a large pond.  This morning a Mississippi Kite was feeding over it and being harassed for about 10 minutes by a pair of Eastern Kingbirds the way small birds often go after raptors.   The Kite refused to leave the area and kept swinging back over the pond to feed.  Once in a while one of the Kingbirds would leave to feed over the pond as well, but then would soon return to bother the Kite.  When we moved on the Kite was still present and the Kingbirds might have given up. 

Not sure if this was two Kingbirds protecting their nest from what they perceived as a raptor that could eat their young or whether it was a fight over a feeding territory.


John Solodar
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