Using eBird and Merlin

Over the years of my birding I have used many different ways to record by observations.

I started in 1954  printing the bird names  in my BIG CHIEF Tablet.

Then to checklists in my first and subsequent Peterson's Field Guides, I still do this.

Then in the 1980's I started to list my birds using the computer and "Word Perfect".

Then I started using the Commercial Birding programs such as AVIS SYSTEM which I still use. But they are and were expensive! I had a version on my PALM PILOT but it was not as easy to use as eBird is on my cell.

Now I use eBirds and Merlin. The best thing about them is they are FREE and easy to use and they keep the checklists they generate for me automatically.

This year alone I have generated over 80 session (checklists). eBirds even keeps track of all species for me and gives me a running total my observations by month, year and location(s) automatically and saves them automatically as well.

Another great point is, I can carry them on my Cell phone and use the programs in the field. eBirds and Merlin have been a very useful tool for this birder.

James Bair
Kansas City, Missouri   Waldo area
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