I arrived at Clarence Canoon Nat. Fish and Wildlife Refuge as the sun was coming over the eastern horizon a little before 6 am yesterday to see if I could find the Tricolored Heron as well as King Rail and Nelson's sparrow. I didn't find any of them but did find a great array of bird species.  It is well worth a visit as the shallow water and mud flat conditions are great and getting better if it doesn't rain too much. 

Best find was a FOY Glossy Ibis. I was able to get photos and videos of the Glossy and the White-faced Ibis that were staying togethers in flight and on the ground. Also saw yellow-crowned night-heron and black-backed plovers that were located by Andrew and Chrissy. There were 11 black-necked stilts with one female tight on a nest visible from the road near the "tree island"

The Tricolored Heron may still be in the area but may have flown out to a surrounding flooded farm field. It might be worth looking along some roads to the north of the area. I drove several southern roads next to the south boundary of CC. 

I wish I had more time to check on the birds in the trees and but I was target birding at the time. 

First checklist of the morning below URL>

http://ebird.org/ebird/mo/view/checklist/S37038587 with photos.

Brad Jacobs

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