Tom and I did not cancel our planned outing, trusting our luck.
No rain, clearing skies and rising temps.

Tower Grove, early.  Impossible light. Very little. Veery, beautiful specimen.  Blackburnian, magnolia, yellow, redstarts, palm.
Moved to the 79 corridor, starting at CCNWR.  
Tricolored Heron, adult. Yellow-crowned heron, adult.  Little blue, great blue, great egret, cattle egret. 
Yellow, prothonotary, willow flycatcher, warbling vireo. 8 black necked stilts. 2 lesser yellowlegs.

BK Leach,  north border field,  shorebirds in a small wet area. 36 Dunlin, breeding plum.  Western, 1, breeding.  White-rumped, 1, breeding.  Baird's, 1, breeding.  Wilson's phalarope, 1, female. 20 or so SESA, 1 SPSA, 1killdeer. 
1 virgina rail, flushed from the roadside. heard many bobwhite, saw 1 male pheasant. blue grosbeak, eastern wood peewee.   

other notables: almost hit a COHA at the same moment it hit a bird- maybe a robin.  Wild Turkey,  Bald Eagle, first year. lots of YBCU, most out in the open. and of course, dickcissels.

firma road loop is open and there is plenty of water. Too deep for shorebirds today. maybe in several days it will be optimum. 

Dave and Tom
St. Louis 

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