I don't know if anyone is interested, but I have a Cooper's Hawk nest on
our property just outside Columbia, MO (northwest side off of Route E). I
don't have a spotting scope and I'd love to get a better look at them. If
anyone is interested in coming to see them, send me an email and we'll
arrange something.

They've got their nest high up in an old white oak, but the tree is down in
a little gully which gives me some advantage. The more the trees leaf out
the harder it is to see though. I can't see 'in' the nest, so I might not
see any young ones until they get bigger and venture to the edge of the
nest and onto branches.

I can barely make out the mom's head above the edge of the nest. I
confirmed that she finally did leave the nest some last weekend, but still
returns to sit on it. I'm hopeful that she actually has a baby or more in
there, but I haven't seen them, yet.

I haven't had much time to observe them this week. I'm anxious for the
weekend to spend some more time watching them "like a hawk." 😀

Maggie Maginness
Columbia, MO
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