Monsoon number two (or maybe three, I've lost count), has taken its' toll on barry county.  In Roaring River State Park today, the worst damage is to the area known as "warbler woods" downstream from Camp Smokey.  That area is not accessable and has been eroded badly.  Campgrounds 2 & 3 were closed, but I would think that at least foot travel would be allowed by Saturday.  If not, the rest of the river within the park is accessable.  

Sugar Camp Scenic Drive is accessable as is Butler Hollow, but it'is a bit rough.  Another area we might use is the road to Munsey Cemetery.  It's passable, but a bit soft between the bridge and the cemetery.

All things considered, we should be good to go for Saturday.  For those of you that will be driving to the park for the ASM field trip, a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle is a must. 

Today, our warbler list was 20.  Margie detected the song of a Blackpoll warbler today, and we saw a Palm Warbler, both new for the year.  We also experienced a large increase in Tennessee Warblers.  Everything else is much the same.  Ceruleans, Hooded, and Worm-eating still present, although the amount of songs heard is decreasing.  Still no Blackburnian, Black-throated Green, Golden-wing, Blue Grosbeak, Bob-O-LInk, or Painted Bunting.  We only saw the Greater Roadrunner once, on April 8, and we have not seen it since.  We're making the call to skip that sight in order to maximize our time.  We still plan on trying for the rest of the birds on the no show list.

On the way to that sight, we drove over Roaring River at Missouri Highway 86, where it changes to Table Rock Lake.  Massive amount of water, more than I had seen there ever.

Looking forward to warmer, clearer weather, and the ASM weekend. 
Jerry Williams,
Republic, Greene County, Mo.


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