For those intending to visit Riverlands, I haven't seen anyone else post
about current conditions, so I'll describe how it was yesterday.

I spent the morning there but had to limit my coverage somewhat because of
the near-flood-stage Mississippi. There was no access to Ellis Island,
Lincoln-Shields, or the road down to the dam; also, the Confluence Park
road was closed off both ways (from Riverlands Way and from Red School
Rd.). Orton Road was OK, and I spent a lot of time back there, and the
other areas south of Riverlands Way were OK, albeit pretty wet.

Add to that the gray skies, stiff wind, and temps in the low 50's, and
conditions were not optimal. I managed to find 55 species, with only a few
shorebirds, waterfowl, and raptors but a lot of swallows. There were two
Black-crowned Night-Herons at Teal, some breeding landbirds were in
(Dickcissel, Baltimore Oriole, Yellow Warbler, Indigo Bunting, many E.
Kingbirds), and Common Yellowthroats were among the few species singing
strongly everywhere.

Today will be nicer weather, but I imagine the roads I mentioned will
remain flooded for the near future.

Bill Rowe
St. Louis
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