I enjoyed a snowy egret late this morning at the
Center Creek Lagoon, just north of Joplin, Jasper County.
The individual had black legs, orange - yellow feet, a black
bill with yellow at the base of the bill.  Small heron, not more
than 20 inches in length.  Non display plumage.   
Separated from cattle egret from larger body size and bill per 
Birds of N. A. book. 
I am very familiar with cattle egrets.  

I have no other Spring records for snowy egret.  So, good
for me.  I am familiar with the species. (CB and Q in KS,). 
I requested permission at the office.  A year or so ago
a Randy Haase (sic) chased birders off.  So, I asked permission
at the office.  They avoided comment about Randy.
Good bird ! 
Lots of blue-winged teal, and barn and cliff swallows.  

Larry, in Joplin.
Lawrence Herbert   [log in to unmask]                4-28-17.

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