Good Evening! Hope everyone had a pleasant Easter.
Saturday's birdwalk at Creve Coeur Park was attended by 24 birders. The route was changed up a little. The group headed north from the Lakehouse Restaurant parking lot towards the SW end of the big lake. We found a nice group of Warbling Vireos, Ruby -Crowned Kinglets and male Cardinals fighting over territory. Fish Crows called as they flew over us. A Prothronatary Warbler was heard singing. 

Here is our list of 40 species seen: 

Our group headed back to the parking lot. Some headed out, but ten of us headed to Little Creve Coeur Marsh. The bird of the day came at the end of our walk: a pair of Blue-headed Vireos! The Vireos were found in the first large group of trees on the right after you walk a couple of hundred yards in the open. The trail then bends to right as it enters the trees. Look along the right side.
Sora could also be heard calling on the south side of the marsh. There is quite a bit of water in the marsh right now.
 Here's our list of 35 species:

Nice day for a long walk (My Fitbit measured over 12,000 steps & 5.47 miles!)
Have a good week!
Mary Dueren
West St. Louis County

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