I went to MTC and refound the Harris Sparrow reported yesterday in a large brush pile to the right of the path.  It appeared to be a first year bird and was being chased by the adult White-crowned Sparrows when it tried to perch up.  There were singing Swamp Sparrows around the area, not something I expect to encounter.  I also had a very wet Indigo Bunting and there were several Common Yellowthroats singing.  As I was walking out a Sora fluttered up out of the grass. 

The West Alton Boat Ramp access to the back of Lincoln Shields had lots of shorebirds.  The close ones were a mixture of both Yellowlegs and Pectoral Sandpipers.  A bit further out were some Dowitchers.  The ones that I could ID appeared to be Long-billeds.  There were other shorebirds present, but they were too far out to identify.  There are now extensive mudflats at Riverlands, but there did not appear to be anything on them, but Pelicans. The mud may be too fresh.  Heron Pond had several Soras (by sight and voice) and there were Cliff Swallows near the bridge. 

David Becher

Saint Louis

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