April 15, 2017

This evening I heard an Eastern Whip-poor-will briefly calling in the distance from Liggett Cove on the east side of Lake Jacomo near Lee's Summit (Jackson Co.) at 8:18pm. Just before dusk a Louisiana Waterthrush was singing here. Over at the nearby bison/elk enclosures I heard an early Eastern Wood-Pewee at sunset, plus a couple of House Wrens and over a dozen Chipping Sparrows. Earlier in the afternoon while hiking the Larry Mattonen Nature Trail at the south end of Lake Jacomo, highlights included a Broad-winged Hawk, several Purple Martins, lots of Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, a Prothonotary Warbler, two Yellow-throated Warblers, two Northern Parulas, and a couple of Eastern Towhees. Several Yellow-rumped Warblers were still around, as were dozens of White-throated Sparrows and a few each of both kinglet species.

Good birding,

Eric Hough

Kansas City, MO

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