Margie & I took advantage of a window of dry skies to go to McDaniel Park in Springfield.  In a little over an hour during mid morning, we came up with eleven yellow rump warblers, seven Nashville, seven Orange-crowned, one Wilson's and four Tennessee.

McDaniel is known for the South Creek greenway that's lined with willow trees.  The willow's attract Orange-crowned, Chestnut-sided, and Yellow Warblers.  In a few weeks, it's also a good spot for Mourning Warbler.  No Yellow or Chestnut-sided today.

There is also a bench there dedicated to Betty Dyer, long time member of Greater Ozarks Audubon.  Today the bench was overlooking "Dyer marsh" due to the excessive rain.  This section of South Creek has been adopted by Greater Ozarks Audubon.  Started by Kay Johnson and continuing today under the direction of Myra Scroggs, this section of the creek was saved from concrete channelization.  It remains a spec of green in a sea of concrete. 

Jerry Williams
Republic, Greene County, Mo.

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