Popped down to Castlewood SP real quick this morn before the  rain.Was 
great to hear 2 returning CERULEAN WARBLERS singing!

Birds  were in their normal spot,first parking lot to your right after you 
go under the  train tracks

, As is usually the case,all the bottomland  
nesters,PROTHONOTARY,YELLOW-THROATED,PARULA, were easily scene and heard from  here as well

The deer have lost their fear of humans down at  Castlewood long ago.Have 
to wonder if the local pop of Barred owls are starting  to lose their fear

Have been coming across Barreds the last few  years that pretty much just 
hang out anymore along some of the more crowded  trails when groups of hikers 
and bikers pass close by.One bird hangs out as you  head up the bluff 
trail.There was a bird hunting frogs this morn  near the  parking lot where the 
ceruleans were that was pretty much unphased as I walked  within 10 feet of 

Mike Brady
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