This evening I went out to Perry Phillips Lake hoping to find an Osprey.  As I walked out to the north end of the lake, I heard a lovely sound coming from the grass - Henslow's Sparrows.  I was able to locate two perched atop weed stalks and singing.  There were at least six in total, possibly quite a few more.

As I was watching the Henslow's, I heard a Sedge Wren calling quite emphatically off to my left.  I was able to locate the wren and got a brief look before it dove deeper into the grass.

To find the Henslow's, take the lake trail left from the parking lot and walk to the north end of the lake.  There is a shelter there with a green roof and the sparrows are in the grassland behind the shelter.  This area is actually quite a nice grassland habitat.  Let's hope the birds think so too and stick around.

I never did see an Osprey, but the consolation prizes were quite nice.

Greg Leonard
Columbia, Boone County

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