Myrna Carlton and I had a great outing today starting at Fountain Grove CA. where the high light was two American Avocets. There was also good variety of Ducks, Sparrows, and other birds including many Brown Thrashers, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Great Egrets,a Hermit Thrush, and more.
  We went on to Swan Lake where we found water from recent flooding covering some of the interior roads and large parts of the refuge fields - and LOADS of Birds feeding in the resulting habitat. Hundreds of Yellowlegs, Dabbling Ducks and Gulls were spread over a wide area in the middle of the refuge. We also observed Pelicans,Herons, Golden Plovers, Pectoral Sandpipers, 8 White-faced Ibis, Bald Eagles, many Savannah Sparrows, and more!  I expect much more stuff will be coming in to use this area.
  Saw good variety of Butterflies today too. Most remarkable thing we saw today though was couple areas at Swan where LONG spans of spider webs along some levees were filled with tiny little baby spiders! One place was probably half a mile long!!  Another fun day!

Steve Kinder
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