I sent a message from Eagle Bluffs but it apparently did not get transmitted.  As reported earlier by Brad, there are increasing numbers of shorebirds showing up at Eagle Bluffs CA.   This evening I was able to relocate the ibis (12 in Pool 4), dunlin (2 in Pool 5), baird’s (2 in Pool 5);  thought I had a white-rumped due to the streaking on the flanks but not totally sure;  and many yellowlegs, pectorals and American Golden-plovers in both Pools 4 and 5.   Had one kind of pudgy looking bird that could have been a dowitcher.   Had several golden plovers starting into breeding plumage and standing in the water -  which gave me a start toward “ruff” until I saw the bill.   There was one probably hybrid blue-wing/cinnamon teal --  had strong maroon coloration, but also the white rear-end triangle that was tinged deep pink.   Waterfowl also remain in good numbers.


As the sun set I noticed 2 godwits in Pool 5 (seen from the parking lot with the Pool 5 sign) – larger birds standing side by side, two-toned upcurved bills, they were standing in profile so bill easy to observe;  they both had an overall even rosy cinnamon color – however they were facing the setting sun which may have enhanced the rosy color.  When I turned away and set up the scope – you guessed it – they were gone.  I did not see them fly so can’t say for sure if they were Hudsonian or Marbled.  Was unable to re-locate them. 


Eagle Bluffs look so very welcoming for shorebirds;  should be an exciting time for we birders!   Pool 5 provides excellent viewing as you are primarily looking north. 


Jean Leonatti

Boone County

Columbia, MO

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