We did not see today some of what Debbie listed below, but we can add a few 
for Mingo and Duck Creek.  Gorgeous birds and much activity!

Snow goose with three white-fronts (Duck Creek)
Blue-winged Teal (both)
Ring-necked Duck (Mingo)
Pied-billed grebes (both, but especially DC)
Bald Eagle (both)
Broad-winged Hawks (Mingo, overhead low and one sitting low over a 
ditch--great look at it from the bridge!)
Spotted Sandpipers (DC)
White-eyed, Warbling, Blue-headed and Yellow-throated Vireos (Mingo)
Barn Swallows (Mingo)
House Wren (Mingo)
Golden-crowned Kinglet (Mingo)
Swamp Sparrows (Mingo)
White-throated Sparrows still at both

And warblers: LA Waterthrush, Prothonotary, Common Yellowthroat, Redstart 
(DC), Parula, Yellow-rump, Yellow-throated

And a beaver.  Got a good photo of him, and a lovely one of a Prothonotary 
with a worm from the Mingo boardwalk.

Anyone looking for woodland birds, migrant and otherwise, try the SW corner 
of Pool 1 at Duck Creek, sort of a diagonal between Pool 8 and Pool 3--all 
three corners.  Birds were singing there even at 2:00 on this hot afternoon, 
and it is a hot-spot for warblers some years. Part of that corner is 
actually in Mingo NWR where it abuts Duck Creek.

Ida Domazlicky
Cape Girardeau County

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From: Debbie Koenigs
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2017 7:37 AM

All sighted midday Monday on the Red Mill Drive Auto Tour at Mingo National 
Wildlife Refuge.

Glossy Ibis
American Bittern
Yellow-crowned Night-heron
Great Egrets
At least 8 Little Blue Herons
Lots of Greater and Lesser yellowlegs
Solitary Sandpiper
Pectoral Sandpiper

We're also hearing and seeing Northern Parulas, Black & White Warblers, 
Blue-gray gnatcatchers, Louisiana waterthrush, lots of Yellow-rumped 
Warblers on the refuge.

Feel free to stop by the visitor center for maps & more info.

Debbie Koenigs
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