Hello Missouri Birders,

Battle on the Booming Grounds will not be shown again in western Missouri
or eastern Kansas prior to the airings

Except .... on Sunday afternoon- 2:40 PM at the Cinemark Palace Theater on
the Plaza as an Official Selection of the Kansas City Film Festival.

If you did not attend the FREE screening at the Nelson in March- I'm sorry.
But by being at part of a Film Festival- you will have a modest ticket to
pay for now.

The projection system at the Cinemark is very good, but the compression was
lowered to get it on the drives. Funny how I now pick up little subtleties.
The screen is enormous! Maybe 50 feet? Very good sound system showing off
the final sound mix nicely.

Greater Prairie Chickens sound like they had a good year last year. but
that can change. How much habitat is really needed to sustain a population?
Come see the film and be ready to talk about acreage - habitat and a long
term solution to the elegant bird.

Like I said, you can wait to see it on the small screen ....

Tim Barksdale,
Choteau, MT, and always Missouri

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