Today - 10 April at Eagle Bluffs:
11 White-faced Ibis in Pool 4
1 American Bittern near concrete restrooms in small cattail marsh - seen
yesterday late
Soras calling everywhere
100s of Am. Golden-Plovers
1 Spotted Sandpiper - Junction Box outflow area
1 Solitary Sandpiper - Pool 4
100s of lesser yellowlegs
10s of greater yellowlegs
9 dunlin - Pool 5
Baird's Sandpiper - Pool 5
Pectoral Sandpipers - Pool 5 and 14 (250) walk in from spur road about 5
minutes on dry road
2 Wilson's Phalaropes - Pool 14
Lark Sparrow on gravel road into Eagle Bluffs
Indigo Bunting in trees across central channel half way between Pool 5 and
Pool 8 parking lots.

many hundreds of Am. white pelicans
all the regular swallows
dabblers in Pool 4, 5, 10 and 14.

White-faced Ibis, peregrine falcon and prothonotary warbler,
yellow-throated warbler, northern parula were  reported by A. Kinslow
yesterday, I guess it is time to go down again and see what is new.

Eagle Bluffs may be at one of its best shorebird conditions ever and it may
continue to get better as the Missouri River drops and allows some water to
slowly flow out of the pools.

Not to mention two bald eagle nests near the main road with two and three
nestlings standing up in the nests in Pool 5 and Pool 15, respectively.

Brad Jacobs
Sarah Kendrick
Greg Leonard
Kathleen Anderson
and others are finding new FOY species today.

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