I expect that most Columbia birders are already aware of this but for those
who aren't, the far nest has three healthy looking chicks in it. They must
have very good parents as all three appear to be thriving. ebiird list from
yesterday, with pics of eagle chicks link below.

Jack and Shirley Foreman
Rocky Ridge birders
Leslie Mo.

On Sun, Apr 9, 2017 at 6:38 PM, Jane Frazier <
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> Four River Bluffs Birders-- Christy, Barb, Betty, and Jane--travelled to
> Eagle Bluffs Sunday afternoon. Noticeable finds were conservatively
> 800-1000 Blue Winged Teal, 300-400 Northern Shovelers, the 3 White faced
> Ibis next to the main road before the second one way loop, 20 American
> White Pelicans, and about 20 Golden Plover off the 1st one way loop on the
> right.  Many other birds besides and a fine day of birding! Let me not
> forget 2 adult Eagles on nests and two chick's heads sticking up in the
> nest on the road to the very back pool of the property.
> Jane Frazier
> River Bluffs Audubon
> Jeff City
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