On Saturday, April 8, the Columbia Audubon Society field trip visited
Danville and Daniel Boone conservation areas in Montgomery and Warren
counties. Both areas are part of the Ozark Border conservation emphasis
area where CAS birders will be spending some quality time in the next year,
in support of the ASM cooperative agreement with MDC.

The most visible (or audible) species at Danville were brown-headed
cowbird, yellow-bellied sapsucker, northern flicker, ruby crowned Kinglet
and field sparrow. New arrivals included yellow-throated warblers, northern
parula, and chipping sparrows. The Danville Glades natural area was green
and wet after recent burns and last weeks rains.y

At Daniel Boone, we worked pretty hard to find a couple pine warblers and a
red-breasted nuthatch in the pine plantation along the main road. A hike
into the Razor Hollow natural area found few birds except several groups of
red-headed woodpeckers, but it was a pleasure to walk through the open
woodlands decorated with blooming redbud, serviceberry, and dogwood, and
budding sassafras, with nary a bush honeysuckle to be seen!

Next week's trip will visit another area of emphasis, Big Buffalo Creek
conservation area, in Benton County, and possibly some nearby areas.

John Besser
John Besser
Columbia MO
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