September 22-24, 2017, University of Cincinnati, OH, USA

The Editors of the graduate student journal *Focus on German* *Studies* in
conjunction with the Graduate Student Association of the Department of
German Studies at the University of Cincinnati present the Twenty-Second
Annual Focus Graduate Student Conference:



Bertolt Brecht

Bertolt Brecht is well-known for his “episches Theater,” a style of theater
meant to provoke thought and reason in the audience over a sense of feeling
and empathy with the performers. Yet, many believed Brecht ultimately
failed in this regard to create truly epic theatre. In this conference, we
seek to push the boundaries of the nature of the epic style and to
highlight its successes and future as a viable and powerful style of
theater, by exploring a wide range of live performance and film and media,
both by and inspired by, Brecht.

Specifically, we are interested in creating panels that discuss the epic
style in Brecht’s works of Spoken Theater and Musicals, Operas, Cabaret,
Radio-plays and Cantatas, The Use of Screens in Live Performance, and the
Epic Style in Screenplays and Film Studies, in the Weimar Republic, his
Exile, and the GDR. We would also like to have a panel on the Epic Style in
the Twenty-First Century and/or the Future of Epic Theater.

Current graduate students are invited to send *250-word abstracts* to Ellen
C. Chew at [log in to unmask] by *July 9th, 2017*. Submissions are
welcome from any discipline. Papers may be presented in either German or

Lesser-known works are always encouraged! Graduate Students in German
Studies, European Studies, History, Musicology, Theater and Performance
Studies, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Film and Media Studies
are strongly encouraged to apply.

Ellen C. Chew
Conference Coordinator
Focus on German Studies
University Of Cincinnati ML 0372
Cincinnati, OH  45221-0372 USA
Phone (513) 556-2752
Fax (513) 556-1991
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