Modern Language Association


4-7 January 2018, New York


Revolutionary Belatedness


On the centennial of the October Revolution, the MLA Forum for 20th- and 21st-Century German invites papers exploring the German reception of Russian and Soviet culture. The panels will focus specifically on the questions that this reception raises about the displacement and translation of revolutionary impulses as they circulate internationally. Our interest above all is for papers that use this cultural dialogue as an occasion to examine the temporal structure of revolutions (whether punctual, cyclical, linear, etc.) and to reflect once more on the politics of belatedness in the famously versp├Ątete Nation, Germany. How did artifacts of Soviet revolutionary culture change with their shift into German-speaking cultural contexts, where they fused with a different literary-artistic tradition and acquired new formal qualities? How did various media of transmission inflect these formal qualities? Thinking more productively about the category of belatedness: were there latent political potentials and resources in these artifacts that had remained unrealized in the Soviet context but were unleashed by their afterlife in Germany?


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