We had well over a hundred rusty blackbirds in this location for the Christmas bird count, Dec. 17. Yes, I agree very cool!

Linda Frederick
Rolla, Missouri

On Wednesday, February 22, 2017, Jack Foreman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Sorry for the late post. Yesterday at Maramec Springs Park we fell into the largest flock of Rusty Blackbirds we've ever seen. There were a hundred or more, impossible to get an exact count even with photos, as they were in constant motion. Overcast skies weren't helpful but we took about a million photos anyway and managed to get one pic that we can count 93 Rusty's in. There were no doubt many more that aren't in that particular photo but not knowing just how many we conservatively settled on calling it an even hundred.

We had a flock of 70 in the exact location a month ago so wondering if this might be the same flock, but with some additional birds joining them over the past few weeks. It was extra nice to find them yesterday as we went there specifically hoping to find some as they were new birds for our daughter. This park seems to be particularly attractive to Rusty Blackbirds as we've seen them there several times in the past, although never in the numbers we're seeing this year. Very cool! The park was very birdy as usual, red-headed woodpeckers on every other tree, and all their cousins throughout the park, including 2 Yellow-bellied sapsuckers. 28 species total for the trip.  Full list here http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S34636177

Jack and Shirley Foreman
Leslie Mo.

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