Today Larry Lade and I birded some areas from Chillicothe to Jamesport. Finally had a couple of Rough-legged Hawks near Poosey CA. They were the first ones I have observed there this Winter. We also had several pairs of Red-tailed Hawks, plus some singles, a number of American Kestrels, three Northern Harriers, and a Bald Eagle, plus three more Eagles at Jamesport Lake CA in Daviess Co. We also observed 35 Trumpeter Swans, Canada, Snow, and White-fronted Geese, plus Mallard, Pintail, and Ring-necked Ducks on a large pond at Poosey. Found both a Loggerhead Shrike and a Northern Mockingbird at the intersection of Hwys A & U at Poosey. One large bush produced a nice bunch of Harris's and White-crowned Sparrows, A flock of 40 or more Juncos were seen at another place. Meadowlarks were scattered around and singing including a couple of Westerns. Couple of Killdeer were observed at our Amish friends place in Daviess Co. Nice outing!

Steve Kinder
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