. . .it just flew in from SYD and its wings are REALLY tired!!! 

 . . . pretty bird . . . 

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Subject: Black Swan at Port Hudson Lake CA!
We bird this area regularly but have never seen this bird here (or anywhere else) before so finding it this morning came as a wonderful surprise! Sooty black plumage, waxy red bill with pale band at tip leaves no doubt as to it's identity. Have no idea where it came from but it likely came in on last nights cold northerly wind. It didn't appear to be particularly alarmed at our presence but stayed far enough out that we weren't able to get the quality photos we'd have liked to have gotten. May  run out again this afternoon taking the tripod along in an effort for better photos of this magnificent bird. Two hooded merganzers keeping it company. Full list with mediocre photos on ebird.

Jack and Shirley Foreman
Leslie Mo.

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