Eighteen birders spent a half-day in mild weather at RMBS.  A week an half
ago there was ice everywhere with the only open water a small area near the
Ellis Island parking lot with many birds crammed around it.  Yesterday there
was no ice and bird numbers had also dropped considerably.


Teal Pond had the expected Canada Geese and Ring-billed Gulls and also all
three species of mergansers.  We also saw nine Bald Eagles, two Red-tailed
Hawks and American Kestrels on lines and poles.  A Great Blue Heron in
fleeting sunshine was on the shore in Ellis Bay near Riverlands Way.  A
little further in another Kestrel was seen.  From the picnic shelter Ellis
Bay had nothing of interest and as we walked across the road to scan the
march a flock of about 60 Greater White-fronted Geese flushed up.  A distant
Harrier was spotted there.


Heron Pond had nothing of interest (it did have 6 Trumpeter Swans before the
walk started).  Scanning Ellis Bay from the Heron Pond area we found some
Common Goldeneyes.  We then got to watch staff from the Rivers Project
Office release a rehabilitated Trumpeter Swan into Heron Pond.  The bird had
been at Treehouse for a year or so recovering from lead poisoning.  


A cooper's hawk was perched in the single big tree in the low area on the
approach to the damn.  Only birds at the dam were Ringed-billed and few
Herring Gulls.  Heading back on Riverlands way we stopped to scope the water
and found more mergansers, some Bufflehead and a single White Pelican.


From the Audubon Center two Black Ducks and two Trumpeter Swans were seen in
Ellis Bay.


Thank you to Pat, Dick and John for helping with leading.


Checklist at :


Several of the group then journeyed to Grafton to try for the Screech-Owl
but it was not there.


After lunch I found a Peregrine Falcon perched on the tower on the Alton
side of the Clark Bridge.  In Teal Pond I found two Gadwall that we hadn't
seen earlier.  A drive to the Cora Island parking lot added only a hoard of
White-crowned Sparrows and a single Blue Jay.


In a field near Portage Des Sioux I found 26 Trumpeter Swans.



Mike Grant

Chesterfield, MO

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Subject: SLAS Field Trip at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary, St. Charles


WHAT:     St. Louis area field trip, half-day (9:00-12:00), sponsored by St.
Louis Audubon Society.  

WHEN:     Wednesday, January 18, 2017

WHERE:   Meet at Teal Pond parking lot, Riverlands.  From the north side of
I-270 in north St. Louis County, take MO-367 north (signed to Alton).  Cross
the Missouri River and continue past the stoplight at MO-94.  Just before
you reach the bridge over the Mississippi to Alton, turn right at the gas
station. Go straight past the station to the intersection with Wise Road,
just beyond the pond; turn right there and go a short distance to the
parking lot.

MEETING TIME:   9:00 a.m.   

TENTATIVE PLAN:   The itinerary will be flexible.  We will consolidate cars
as best we can and proceed to a series of vantage points around the
Riverlands area.   If the ponds are frozen we will probably drive some of
the confluence road.  A road trip to Grafton for Eastern Screech-Owl is also
possible.  Bring FRS radios if you have them.

WHO:   Everyone is welcome, whether a member of St. Louis Audubon Society or

CONDITIONS:  Please dress appropriately for whatever weather is predicted.
It is predicted to be 30 degrees Tuesday night and get to 56 on Wednesday.
It is frequently windy there and more so when we have unusually high temps.


LEADERS:  Mike Grant and possibly one or two other members of the leader


Mike Grant

Chesterfield, MO

iPhone 314-779-8032

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