Wings Over Weston has a couple of needs you birders may be able to help us
out with.


First, we recently received some feeders from Wild Birds Unlimited in
Leawood, Kansas.  These feeders were taken in from their trade-in program,
cleaned up, and donated for us to give away.  We'd love to have a few more.
If anyone has a feeder they'd like to donate, we'd be pleased to take them
off your hands.  


Second, we also collect used bird guides and magazines, such as Birds n
Blooms, for children to take home with them.  Throughout the year we
purchase them from antique stores and garage sales.  This year, we're a
little short.  Even if they are super old, they can be useful in continuing
the excitement for birds once a child leaves us.  (Magazines should contain
lots of color photos.)


I live in Pleasant Hill, just southeast of Kansas City.  I have sources
throughout the state that could probably get these things to me if you have
them to give, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.  Please email
me (off list) if you can help.


Thank you!

Christine Kline

Pleasant Hill ~ Cass County

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