At 3:58 am today (17  Jan) I left for a dawn arrival to see a Say's Phoebe
that was reported yesterday 16th by Charley, Greg, Debbie and Steve and
originally found Monday 15th by David Blevins. It seemed like it was
staying around so I took the chance as well as lined up some other good
birds to try for. It took about 45 minutes to find the Say's Phoebe down by
the lake behind the green house. It had flown back up to a tree near the
house and was wagging its tail in the mist and rain. Then on to Arcola for
a try to find David B.'s Prairie Falcon from 7 Jan. After I almost gave up
it flew overhead at the west edge of Arcola, Dade Co, once with a bird in
talon and the second overhead on the way back to the field to catch
something else.

Other new birds for the year were Am. White Pelican, Yellow-bellied
Sapsucker and common loon at Stockton Lake; and Brewer's Blackbirds (CR 601
Cedar County) and a young Vesper Sparrow (on SW 1151 just south of MO 82)
at Wah'Kon-Tah Prairie, St Clair Co.

It was misty and sprinkling most of the day, overcast and no sun, but the
birding was great.

Brad Jacobs

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