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The late UA Fanthorpe might be worth a look in this context, if not already

A sample commentary about the work of a contemporary (final article in the

On 23 January 2017 at 00:31, Nancy Gish <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Dear Cassandra,
> Since I have been in my Eliot mode, I wonder if your new journal (and
> Brava! to you) is to be focused on women writers only or if you would be
> interested in what I am planning to continue--Eliot, the Virgil Society,
> and Dido. It would be about the way he interpreted Dido in contrast to and
> parallel with other early critics. I think it is a really fascinating issue
> for feminism because in the early 20th Century, the definitions of and
> views about Dido were a frequent topic, and it was mostly pretty sexist.
> The difficulty with this is that I haven't found any place to read these
> early commentaries except in the British Library, where I started. I would
> need to go back there if not somewhere pretty far from here anyway.
> Just a question.
> I also want to get back to working on current "British" women poets: Duffy
> (England's poet laureate), Lochhead (previous Scotland's national poet),
> Kay (current Scotland's national poet) [Scotland calls their national poets
> "Makars," not "laureates." Also Patience Agbabe--another wonderful Black
> British poet.
> I'm asking because the women poets in Scotland, Ireland, and Wales have
> been constantly under-examined, and since I've interviewed Lochhead and Kay
> and spent 5 weeks sharing an office area with Agbabe, and I write on
> Scotland, I am one of only a few Americans with the background. Carol Ann
> Duffy, by the way, grew up in Glasgow though she lives in England now.
> I am interested in these questions because I doubt that I could write
> either by the first deadline, but I'm deciding where to focus.
> It's great that you are doing this.
> Love,
> Nancy
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