November 2016 Summation of Bird Species Observed/Heard in the Waldo/Brookside/Martin City and surrounding neighborhoods in Missouri and Kansas as reported by members of the “WALDO BIRDERS” on Facebook and friends.

Total species observed/heard: 49

American Crow - aggressive -
Canada Goose formation (flyover),
Bald Eagle (flyover),
Great Horned Owl-several neighborhoods reporting this species
Barred Owl   several neighborhoods reporting this species,
 Red-tailed Hawk,
 Red-shouldered Hawk 
Several Cooper’s Hawks, 
Sharp-shinned Hawk,
Rough-legged hawk,
American Kestrel,
Rock Pigeon,
Mourning Dove,
Tufted Titmouse,
Northern Flicker (yellow-shafted), and species
Red-bellied Woodpecker,
Downy Woodpecker,
Hairy Woodpecker,
Pileated Woodpecker (Swope Park)
Blue Jay,
Black-capped Chickadee,    
Carolina Chickadee,
Carolina Wren,
White-breasted Nuthatch,
Brown Creeper,
American Robin,
partially leucistic American Robin x2,
Hermit Thrush,
Brown Thrasher,
Dark-eyed Junco’s
Cedar Waxwings,
Pine Siskins
Northern Cardinal,
Common Grackle,
European Starling,
House Finch,
American Goldfinch,
House Sparrows,
White-crowned Sparrow,
White-throated Sparrow,
Swamp Sparrow,
Song Sparrow,
Savanah Sparrow,
Great Blue Heron,
Northern Mockingbird,
Wild Turkey,
Turkey Vulture and,
 White-breasted Nuthatch.


Keep your birdbaths and bubblers full as well as your feeders.
Look to the skies in the day and night. Soon we should see migrating flights of Snow Geese, White-fronted Geese and Canada Goose.  You should be able to start hearing these species at night. 

Great Horned Owl and Barred Owl are still being seen in surprising numbers in our area with several instances of the owls trying to take prey near joggers, walkers and homeowners sitting in their yards.  

Both species continue to be seen along the Trolley Trail and in several other neighborhoods such as Tower Homes, Waldo, Ward Park, and Santa Hills  just to name a few. 

An immature Great Horned was mobbed by several American Crows in the Santa Fe Hills neighborhood last month.

Barred owls in several neighborhoods continue to be very boisterous and continue to wake families up in the night with their barking and hooting.

Several sparrow species were seen in November in the neighborhoods and in the Jerry Smith Park south of Martin City.

A Pileated Woodpecker was seen in Swope Park last month.

Two partially leucistic American Robin were observed in the Waldo neighborhood.

A Hermit Thrush was seen in Minor Park.

Please continue to send in your reports of bird species that you have seen so they can be included in the December 2016 synopsis of avian species observed. 

If you keep a bird list of species that are frequenting your feeders or you notice flying over. Please report these species on a weekly basis on the “Waldo Birders” Facebook page.

James Bair 
Waldo Birders  
Kansas City, Missouri

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