Greetings everyone:

This call for seasonal bird reports covers the Fall period, August 1-November 30, 2016.  Please send a list or spreadsheet of your significant bird observations to [log in to unmask] or to Joe Eades, 517 Willow Lane, Kirkwood, MO 63122 by December 15.  E-mail is my preferred mode of submission.  Significant observations generally consist of species that are rare, casual or accidental in the season observed, unusual numbers (high or low) as well as unusually early and late dates.  Statewide earliest/latest, second earliest/latest and third earliest/latest dates are definitely noteworthy.  The MBRC notated checklist and Showme-birds at complied by Josh Uffman are good resources to assist you in what observations should be included.  Please include the species, location including county, date and why the observation is deemed significant.  Information on weather and wild food crops as it relates to bird movements and abundance in your region of the state is always greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Joe Eades
517 Willow Lane
Kirkwood, MO 63122

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