We are seeking contributions to an edited volume on contemporary travel narratives by authors from German-speaking countries. The rich literature of travel writing, its historical conventions, current manifestations, and embedded theoretical discourses recently have been the focus of numerous publications in Anglo-American cultural and travel studies, such as The Cambridge Introduction to Travel Writing, 2013; Travel Narrative and the Ends of Modernity, 2014; Travel Writing and the Transnational Author, 2014; The Routledge Companion to Travel Writing, 2016. These works are motivated by the desire to understand how travel narratives with their distinctive features of representing identities, places, and cultures, whether familiar or different, respond to a globalized, high-speed world characterized by the dual mass movements of tourism and migration. Yet, a corresponding discussion of the contributions by 21st century German-speaking writers regarding travel and travel writing within global contexts is missing.


The proposed edition, comprised of approximately 12-14 contributions, is seeking to fill this void. We envisage that the articles will address individual texts by leading authors such as Felicitas Hoppe, Christoph Ransmayr, Julie Zeh, Navid Kermani, Ulrike Draesner, Judith Schalansky, Ilia Trojanow, and Barbara Honigmann; discuss genre innovation such as graphic novels, and examine specific travel traditions such as pilgrimage, Fussreisen (walking tours) or travels within Germany. All aspects of travel literature – fictional and non-fictional travel - by contemporary German, Austrian, and Swiss authors are welcome. Topics that could be considered are:



-  Travel Writing and the Legacy of the Bildungsroman

-  Intersections of Travel and Migration

-  Travel Writing and Feminist and/or Queer Perspective

-  Travel Writing and Neoliberalism

-  Intersections of Travel and Home

-  Travel Writing and Social Media

-  Travel and Tourism

-  The Future of Travel Writing

-  Travel Writing and armed conflicts (wars)

-  Travel Writing and Ecocriticism

-  Travel Writing and the Body (illness, disability)

-  Dark Tourism


The edition’s goal is to showcase the breadth and complexity of contemporary writing on travel and offer cutting-edge analyses of key travel locations, modalities, and debates. The volume will also link the topic of travel to ongoing arguments about the role of the nation and the European project as well as Germany’s place in the larger world order.


Please submit an abstract of 250 – 300 words by December 1st, 2016 to both editors. Also include a current CV with your submission. Selected essays will be due August 2017 with a final submission to the publisher by December 2017.


Monika Shafi, [log in to unmask];

Karin Baumgartner, [log in to unmask]

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