Bushwacked around the large tall grass field out at Weldon Springs CA(blue grosbeak trail area)this morn in search of various sparrows

 Sparrows were few and far between and had to work hard for the ones I did find.Didnt help that it was late morn.

 Did manage a decent diversity with about 5 LeConte's,1 lincolns,several swamp, savanna,song  field and about a dozen or so white-crowneds.

 Unlike a few weeks ago when I found the LeConte's at Busch  sitting up on stalks. the birds this morn behaved more typical and would fly up,go a short distance ,then back into the grass.

  Had what was probably a vesper but couldn't pin him down long enough.

 And no doubt due to the warm fall temps the past few months had a lingering juv common yellowthroat.

-Mike Brady
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