Just north of Mine La Mott on Rt. 67 (north of Fredericktown) on Saturday just before noon, we saw what was almost certainly an adult male Goshawk move east to west over the highway about eight stories up. Shape, speed, and markings were right, including a definite undertail white fluff, but we could not see the head for positive ID.  Five minutes later, after turning onto Rock Creek Road just on the St. Francis side of the county line, an immature Bald Eagle swooped low in front of the car and tried to pick up something dead at the roadside.  It was a gorgeous look.  I wish we had more birders in that area, as there is a lot of great habitat.

In Cape County, Sunday morning opened with the woods full of singing Robins.  In the evening near the Mississippi, we had a flock of White-fronted geese fly over, Canadas visible on the Illinois side, and probable White Pelicans flying over the river too far away south of us to be sure, even with zoom binocs, except for being very large and very white.

On Oct. 19, at the bird bath with a flock of local birds, we had delightful Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Black-throated Greens (some still in good plumage), and Bay-breasted Warblers that cooperated enough for photos.  I assume that these little migrant flocks habitually locate local flocks and forage with them in order more quickly locate resources in unfamiliar areas?

Ida Domazlicky
Cape Girardeau County

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