Fun time to get out and see a variety of Native Sparrows. I was at the Zell Tract on the west side of Pershing SP yesterday a.m.  Some of the birds observed there-

Many Savannah, Song, and Swamp Sparrows, plus some Lincoln's, White-throated, and White-crowned, a dozen Fox Sparrows, four Field Sparrows at one place ,couple of Chipping Sparrows and lots of DE Juncos.

Flock of about 100 Wood Duck in a small pool in the woods, plus more elsewhere. flock of 300 Gadwall

Marsh Wren, Eastern Phoebe, Belted Kingfisher, Orange-crowned Warbler, many Am. Goldfinch and more..

Had a Nelson's Sparrow at Swan Lake a few days ago, and a Vesper Sparrow this evening north of town while checking for Short-eared Owls. No Owls yet and only one Harrier tonight. Enjoyed listening to a Western Meadowlark singing along with the Easter while out there, and heard a Pheasant too. Nice week to be out!

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.

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