It turned out to be a fine Fall morning for bird walk.  The two dozen or so Yellow-rumped Warblers that we saw frantically feeding seemed to agree.  And there were great quantities of Red-winged Blackbirds flying about all morning.


We walked the paved trail down from the conference center parking lot, detouring back into a former quarry bed with future herp ponds (they need work).  We picked up Carolina Wrens and Cardinals there.  Then we walked a dirt trail, crossing the Katy and walked to the edge of the Missouri River.  On the river I heard a Lesser Yellowlegs, we saw a flock of fast flying and disappearing peeps and a Bald Eagle.  Walking past shelter #3 we got a lot of Yellow-rumped Warblers, some Bluebirds, roosting Turkey Vultures, the Red-headed WP and Dick Palmer saw a flock of Cedar Waxwings that I missed.  Crossing the pond got us our second Belted Kingfisher.


With skies darkening we headed back to the vehicles but nothing happened so we went up to the overlook.  There were three vultures roosting on those rocks.  From the overlook, across the river were about 125 White Pelicans and 3 Bald Eagles.  We could hear two Pileated WPs vocalizing from different directions.  On the fence a flock of 10 or so Bluebirds entertained us then flew up and worked on the cliffs above.  As we headed down it began to sprinkle.


I am grateful to Dick for helping to lead the crowd of three people there; me, him and his wife…


eBird list at:


On the drive to the park on Hwy 94 I got Barred Owl and Red-shouldered Hawk.


Mike Grant

Chesterfield, MO

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Subject: SLAS Walk on Wednesday, Oct 19 at Klondike Park in St. Charles County


Note: the overlook has no shelter from wind, rain, lightening and if conditions are as predicted with storms Wednesday morning I will postpone the trip until the next Wednesday.  Watch MOBirds for notice.


St.Louis Audubon Society is sponsoring a half day bird walk Wednesday, Oct 19 from 8:00 am until about 12: 00 noon.


Location:  Klondike Park in St. Charles County.



Field Conditions: About 1.5 - 2.0 miles total walking, some of it up hill.  The plan is to walk woodland trails at the beginning then spend time on top of the bluff overlook.  We will return to the vehicles between the trails and the overlook so you pick up a portable chair if you want to.


Bring:  Binoculars, field guides, water.  The leader will have a spotting scope.


Leader:  Mike Grant


Directions: From the Highway 40 / 94 interchange:

·         Take Highway 94 south approximately 14 miles, past Defiance and Matson.

·         The park entrance is on the left side of Highway 94.

Mike Grant

Chesterfield, MO

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