Hi, everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying the cooler weather and the migrants
sweeping through...I certainly enjoy reading all the posts, and often
wish teleportation were already invented!

There's been an eBird challenge to utilize their data to make
interesting analyses, and I found this map of the US on the eBird FB

(I don't know if that can be seen by everyone). Going by this, looks
as if Missouri can do with more documentation!

If some of you are NOT using eBird to make your bird lists, I'd be
interested in knowing the reasons.  It could help my friends at eBird
(I am reasonably active on eBird India) to improve things.

For example, when I make my eBird lists, one of the things that does
bother me is the names of some of  the birds, which can vary from the
names I am used to, and which makes me spend a lot of time hunting.
(Haven't found a solution to this yet).

If you couldn't see the map...those of you who can, and are less of a
tech-ignorantosaurus than I am...could you help?

Thanks, and cheers,

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