Another satisfying, late September weekend at Lake of the Ozarks State Park
has ended, and I'm reminded again why I intend never to miss it.

Mark Haas, it was a job well done. Thank you for all the work that went
into making it all run smoothly.  Mark now replaces Shari Harden as
President of ASM and Louise Wilkinson is our new Vice President.

Shari, thank you for having served well as president.  Much of the work is
out of sight and unsung, but appreciated.

I especially like hearing from ornithology students.   Brian Hidden has
collected data which points to the extreme importance of private wetlands
as a resource for migrating dabbling ducks. Kyle Kuechle is measuring
effects of neonicotinoids on birds.

William Orellana and Katinka Domen of Beaks and Peaks in Honduras gave us
lots of reasons to put their country high on our lists of places to
go. I am struck
by their dedication to managing their business in ways that will improve
the lives of the Honduran people and conserve natural resources.

Danny Brown, Missouri wildlife photographer, shared closeup views of birds
and other critters that few of us have the ability or patience to
experience on our own.  His respect and love of his subjects shows in his
photos and in his voice when he talks about them.

ASM awarded to Brad Jacobs the Rudolf Bennitt Award, our highest honor,
reserved for members who have made significant contributions toward the
organization and its mission.

The weekend bird list has over 100 species, including many migrating
warblers, but not a single Brown-headed Cowbird, which would have been a
lifer for William and Katinka. Not even Brad could find one!

It's not too early to add next year's meeting on the last full weekend in
September to your calendar.

June Newman

Carroll County

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