Hi MO. birders,

First and last dates for Mississippi kite:
May 3, and Sep. 10, this 2016 season,
per my records, here in Joplin.  

Nice group of 15 Scissor-tailed flycatchers,
just north of Joplin, near the Center Creek Lagoons,
this morning, 9-21-16.  They come through the
MSSU campus at this time, sometimes in
large numbers - 50 or 60 or so !  I'll check.  

No ducks at all at the Center Creek Lagoon.  
Permission from the offices, now, is required, in order
to visit the  four Joplin area lagoons.  

No warblers, but, 25 species of the common birds
were observed in our 
Joplin yard, this morning.  Nothing unusual. 
My two favorites were:  Barred Owl and 
Red-shouldered Hawk - here in the yard !

I didn't get out to count chimney swifts this season,
here, in the Joplin chimneys.  Too many obligations.  

Good birding,  
Lawrence Herbert

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