Missouri birders:

The MBRC held its annual meeting at Columbia a week ago, on August 20. Here
are some of the main results.

Prior to the meeting, via email, Mark Robbins was re-elected for a new
term, and Lisa Berger of Springfield was elected to fill the position of
outgoing member Kristi Mayo. Lisa is well known to the Missouri birding
community and has recently begun serving as an eBird reviewer. She and
Kristi were both in attendance, along with Brad Jacobs (Chair), Bill Rowe
(Secretary), Joe Eades, Paul McKenzie, Mark Robbins, and Josh Uffman.
Kristi was thanked warmly for her contributions over two terms (eight
years) on the Committee.

At least two members (Jacobs and Berger) will be at the annual fall meeting
of the Audubon Society of Missouri, where the list of Top Ten birds for
2015 will be publicized. Thereafter it will be posted on the ASM web site,

 Seasonal editors for the *Bluebird *and *North American Birds* were
finalized.  Assignments were spring 2016, Greg Swick (Uffman compiling for
*NAB*); summer 2016, McKenzie (*NAB* compiled by Iowa); fall 2016, Eades
(including *NAB*); and winter 2016-17, Mary Nemecek (*Bluebird* only;
*NAB* done
by Iowa).  To email an editor, please go to "Seasonal Reports" under the
Birds menu at The Committee encourages all Missouri birders to
contribute to the seasonal reports by sending the editor notes, at the end
of each season, on all significant sightings. These might include rare
species (with details or photographs to substantiate them), unusually large
numbers, low numbers or absence of an expected species, etc. This is a
great way to contribute to a long-established information source. Another
great way is eBird, but reports made solely through eBird may not reach the
seasonal editors. Birders are asked to avoid simply sending their own
personal high and low counts if those are expected and normal for their

Mark Robbins reported on his progress with a complete revision of *Birds of

The Committee discussed some records that had not yet been finalized over
email (the usual process) and spent additional time on a few other species,
including existing records of Harris's Hawk and Cassin's Sparrow
(Provisional) and others that may at some point be added to the state list.

There were a large number of likely changes to the status of various
species on the Annotated Checklist of Missouri Birds (on line at -- so many that the discussion of these will continue for
some weeks beyond the meeting, with results to be posted here on Mobirds-L
when complete. We can, however, announce one definite new addition to the
state list: Hooded Oriole, based on photographs of an adult male on May 20,
2016. This was a one-time sighting; the bird was never re-found.

In July, the American Ornithologists' Union published the 57th Supplement
to its *Check-list of North American Birds*. Of the many changes adopted
there, only two affected individual species on our Missouri Annotated
Checklist: (1) Sandhill Crane is no longer assigned to the genus *Grus* with
the Whooping Crane and others; it has been placed in a separate genus and
is now known as *Antigone canadensis*. (2) The former Green Violetear, an
accidental species in Missouri, is still *Colibri thalassinus* but has the
new English name of Mexican Violetear due to a split from a close relative
in the tropics.

On a larger scale, based on the latest genetic analysis of relationships,
the AOU did some major rearranging of the orders of birds, and also of the
families within the passerine birds. All of these adjustments have been
made to our Annotated Checklist online. Don't be surprised to find
hummingbirds listed before rails, or finches before warblers -- or to see
Baltimore Oriole as the last species on the checklist. (No, they haven't
deleted House Sparrow and Eurasian Tree Sparrow. Look around!)

More to come, as we get status issues resolved. If you have any questions,
please feel free to email me.

Bill Rowe, Secretary

St. Louis

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