I had a nest in my big front-yard sweet gum the summer before that sudden violent cell.  I heard a call I didn't recognize.  One adult was checking out the nest site, and what appeared to be the other parent and a fledgling were in a dead tree across the street.  There had been a storm and, to me, they seemed to be checking out he nest, even though they were no longer using it that summer.

Dency Kahn
Olivette, St Louis County

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> On Aug 3, 2016, at 12:07 PM, Lawrence Herbert <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi MO. birders,
> Just a couple of comments from Joplin:
> Mississippi kite nested across the street two years ago.
> Raised at least one, and probably two.
> The other day two MIKI visited that very site !  Well observed.
> I was sitting on the front porch.  No nest there now.  It blew
> down quite a while ago.  They, literally looked at the very site
> where the nest had been.  
> I wonder if it was the two parents that came back to their old site,
> or two nestlings coming back from where they were raised...or a 
> combination - or none of the above !
> Interesting behavior nonetheless.  
> Larry, in Joplin.  Lawrence Herbert  [log in to unmask]  8-3-16.
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