Hi MO. birders,
I have had lots of Mississippi kite here in Joplin this summer.  More
than ever before.  Literally they outnumber all of the other raptors combined !
At least six different places that my little guy, Mark, and I have observed 
MIKI just here in Jasper County.  Plus the Audubon Nature Center, Newton
County.  The species is nearly common in late May, June, and July now !
Our birding friend, Ronda, has listed them in Neosho, Newton County, for 
us also. 

As recently as 2001 I still had them listed as R here, i.e., less than five
observed per season.
I can list the places that they were observed if anyone is interested.
Good birding,
Lawrence Herbert  [log in to unmask]                                7-21-16.

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