Drove around this afternoon looking for shorebird habitat in Monroe county and did not find much. My favorite spot on Mitchie road was almost completely dry. There was some water way out on the North side of the road and it had about 40 birds, nothing unusual that I could see but it was way out there.
Hwy B had a nice spot that had a lot of aquatic vegetation and about 20 egrets and herons but also had about 12 greater yellowlegs and a black-necked stilt.    

Hwy KK had one spot that did not look too impressive but held a flock of Pectoral sandpipers and 2 short-billed dowitchers. this spot briefly held a couple of peeps, bigger than least with bigger thicker bills that looked like Baird's. They flew in stayed briefly then left. I know this would be early but it seems like a lot of species are starting to come through earlier than usual.    

I also saw some least and spotties scattered throughout these locations.     

There was also water North of Mitchie on Levee road that had egrets, ducks and shorebirds.

Dave Haenni
Des Peres, MO

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