We started at Horseshoe Lake in Granite City.  The Neotropic Cormorant was sitting at the first blind.  Much of the water has been pumped out on the south side of the causeway.  Hundreds of herons, mostly Great Egrets, but also Great Blues, Little Blues, and Snowy Egrets.  There were a few Black-crowned Night Herons visible perched up in the trees.  There was also a moderate sized flock of Black Terns flying about.  The birds from the boat launch on Rt 111 were similar, but an American Bittern flew up from the marsh and over head while we were there.  Most of the shorebirds were at the far south end and impossible to identify, but we did see Killdeer, Lesser Yellowlegs, and Pectoral Sandpipers. 
We then went to Riverlands.  There were at least 10 Least Terns visible at Teal Pond flying or sitting on the buoys.  I could not determine if there were any on the barges.  There are both Marsh and Sedge Wrens singing at Heron Pond.  They were deep in the vegetation and not visible.   The water in Ellis Bay is high and there were few birds, but we did see two White Pelicans. 
David Becher
Saint Louis

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