Great birding! Sometimes things just work out right. Oh, how I would love a
good look at Montezuma Quail instead of the quick "out-side-the-window and
along-the-ditch" glance that I called my lifer. And I've heard the Poor Will
but never put him on my life list, yet. Might as well, doubt I'll ever see
it. The Slate-throated Redstart and Pine Warblers would definitely be
lifers! What fun!

Jo Ann Eldridge, Kearney, Clay

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Yesterday, I returned to MO after a quick trip to AZ to see the first US
record Pine Flycatcher.  On July 6, Melody Kehl (and her husband, expert
driver, Erik) led the excursion to the nest site, picking me up at my motel
at 4:15 a.m.  Chris Hitt, a Columbia native now living in NC, met us at the
turnoff before the really rough road and hopped in. 


En route we were greeted by a Common Poorwill flying up off the road.  When
we left, a pair of Montezuma Quail crossed in front of us, then posed as we
oohed and aahed.


We had great looks at the nesting bird as she sat on the nest and made
several forays around the perimeter of the clearing to feed, then return to
the nest.  Other birds present included a first-year Elegant Trogan, female
Magnificent Hummingbird, Hepatic Tanagers, and nesting Sulphur-bellied


Today I read the eBird report by guide Laurens Halsey that yesterday's trip
(Melody Kehl also present) to the site at Aliso Spring found only the
abandoned nest.  A report from the site today did not include Pine


You can read about the discovery of this bird in the July edition of the
Birding Community E-bulletin (and subscribe if you'd like by emailing Wayne
Petterson at [log in to unmask] or Paul Baichich at
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Melody and I changed vehicles and took off for Pinery Canyon in the
Chicicahuas, where, about 12:15 we were successful in finding one of the
Slate-throated Redstarts that had nested there.  We had a Painted Redstart
at hand to compare plumages, and  also enjoyed a Red-faced Warbler feeding a


Melody sends her greetings to the Missouri birders she's led on several


Edge Wade

Columbia, MO

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