I agree with Amy and others.  Mississippi kite are very common here in
sw. MO.  The two and three here in our backyard were present all of June.
I see others almost daily here in Joplin doing errands.  
There are two regular MIKI over MDC's Stone's Corner Access, two miles
north of Joplin regularly.

We moved to Joplin, sw., MO., in the late 80's.  I first started observing them
here in Joplin in the early 90's.  About 1993 or 94. So, significant in expanding
their range IMO.   
I've always wondered if it was the southwest population or the southeast
population that we have here in Joplin.  

MIKI capture locusts and other insects high on the wing.  In steady rain
like today, I wonder what they do for dinner....

Larry, in Joplin.
Lawrence Herbert   [log in to unmask]                         7-3-16.

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